Corporate Sailing Regattas-The Ultimate Team Building Activity

As a licensed captain for over 36 years, the most fun I have with my license happens right here in San Diego Bay. I can’t keep it a secret any longer!

Two local sailboat charter companies offer Sailing Regattas as the ultimate “Corporate Team Building” event. It’s a great way to bring a group together in a fun, challenging and competitive environment. It’s not about sailing knowledge; it’s about teamwork and a desire to win! Often times the lead boats may have first-time sailors aboard who are simply enthusiastic. Here’s how it works:

Participants form groups of up to six people, often with a team name, matching shirts or hats, and a flag. They are assigned a boat and a USCG licensed Captain. Once on the bay, the captain will train the new crew, teaching as much as they can absorb in 30-40 minutes. Each member is responsible for different tasks, some more physical than others. If someone wants to just be a passenger, that’s okay, too. The bottom line is to HAVE FUN, but also to make the boat as fast and competitive as possible. The better the coordinated effort by the team, the faster they will sail the course…and more likely they will finish at the top. Before you know it, the countdown starts, and the race begins!

Since many company meetings or conventions encourage rivalry between different groups, these races get pretty competitive. I t is amazing how well the crew will be sailing by the end of the race, when they really apply themselves. They are focused on beating their arch rivals, Boss, friends…or just want to win. The captains get into it, too, often providing skillful, close-quarters action, especially during the start, crossing situations, mark roundings, and the finish.

The day is finished off with refreshments, music, and a leisurely sightseeing sail until it is time to return to the dock. A professional marine photographer can capture everyone in action during the race, to be viewed as a slideshow at the company dinner that night- along with trophies for the winning teams.

Harbor Sailboats ( and Harbor Island Yacht Club ( ) both have hosted hundreds of these events. Regattas usually have around a dozen boats, but range in size from only 2 boats to as many as 40, and from 4 to 240 people. Either company will assure that your event will be remembered for years to come!