My Favorite Boating Activities in Southern California

Take a sunset cruise in your dinghy or kayak around the marina or cove.

Have a pot-luck with fellow boaters on the dock.

Dinghy over to Humphrey’s and watch a concert.

Go for an evening cruise or sunset sail. Dock at Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner. Anchor and watch a summer Pop’s concert from your boat…sometimes there are fireworks at the finale.

Go for a cruise or a day sail. Anchor at Glorietta Bay for lunch, or anchor at La Playa for dinner. Jump in for a refreshing swim!

Reserve a guest slip at another favorite marina for the weekend.

Plan a weekend raft-up at La Playa with your marina friends. (Don’t forget to reserve permits in advance at the Harbor Police office.) Bring kayaks, small sailboats, or other water toys.

Take an overnight trip to Mission Bay. Anchor at Bonita Cove or get a slip. Go bodysurfing at Mission Beach. Dinghy over to Sea World, for a close-up view of the fireworks at 9:50pm.

Go to Catalina! If you’ve never picked up a mooring, have a qualified person explain it to you, perhaps drawing you a picture. It’s a little tricky, but really not that difficult. Pick up a cruising guide.

If travelling by sailboat, and time permits, try harbor hopping up the coast on the way to Catalina. You can actually enjoy sailing instead of motoring.

Take a trip to the Coronado Islands. Anchor in the lee of South Island. You’ll feel like you are way down in remote Mexico. (Be aware of the current when swimming.) FYI, the law requires that you clear US customs when returning, however, even if you don’t set foot on land.

Take a trip to Ensenada. Stay at the beautiful Hotel Coral and Marina. The marina staff will handle your customs clearance for a $40 to $50 fee. (Reservations recommended.)

Or…just hang out at the slip and sip your favorite beverage!