To Find the Right Boat, First Choose the Right Broker!

Like many professions, there is no shortage of yacht salespeople who would like to have your business. Many of them can be pretty convincing that they have have extensive boating knowledge and years of brokerage experience. Actually, there are relatively few “career professionals” in the industry. While all may share a sincere love of boating, relatively few have the combination of a lifetime of sailing/boating experience, combined with hundreds of successful Yacht transactions over decades.

To keep things going smoothly, the guidance of a professional and reputable Broker can make all the difference in the world. Buying a sail or power yacht is a major purchase…probably your largest expenditure, with the exception of your home. Don’t choose someone who will be learning their trade at your expense! If you’re not sure about what boat to buy, at least be sure of your Broker.


The number of types and models of boats to choose from is overwhelming. There are good choices and poor choices…endless compromises and trade- offs. One person can’t possibly know it all. But clearly, the more experience your Broker has, the more likely he or she will provide you with sound, reliable advice. Even if you have strong boating background, if you don’t go through the buying process everyday, it makes sense to work with someone who does.

There are generally two ways to shop for a boat: You can look at ten boats with ten different brokers; or choose a single Broker, and evaluate them together, to determine the best choice. In the former, each salesperson is simply trying to make a sale, and will try to convince you that “this is the one”. You get pulled ten different directions. There is so much to know about design features, engine and builder reputations…quality, performance and overall value. You might buy the right boat, or you may buy the most convincing sales pitch.

Why not select a knowledgeable Broker whom you can trust…like choosing a Realtor to work with in buying a home? Yacht brokers work co-operatively, just like in real estate. The Seller ultimately pays the commission, so it costs you no more. You will be more comfortable knowing that your trusted Broker is there, with your best interests at heart, helping you make sound decisions before, during, and after the sale. Experience makes the difference, and with the right Broker, all that knowledge can go to work for you.

Since 1987, I have closed hundreds transactions. I was a top producer at several of the better San Diego Yacht Brokerages, and accumulated a wealth of knowledge from each of them. In 2001, I became an independent Broker and founded YachtSource. I have maintained a good reputation in the industry for over 27 years.

I am a respected member in good standing of the California Yacht Broker’s Association, (CYBA) which has a high code of ethics. I use the CYBA contracts in my transactions, which assures the best possible protection available for my clients. These contracts have been fine-tuned by Maritime Attorneys over many years. In addition to covering the basics, they fairly address most common complications up front, to help avoid problems or misunderstandings down the line….things you may have never even thought about! I attend continuing education seminars annually, to keep updated on “Yacht Sales and the Law”.


Most of my Brokerage business is now with powerboats, but sailing has been a passion my whole life. I grew up in a sailing family and got my first boat at age 9. I have taught sailing for 5 different charter companies in San Diego. I earned my USCG Captain’s license in 1982 at the age of 21, and hold a 100-ton Master’s Certificate. I have skippered yachts in Southern California and the Caribbean. I love teaching and am qualified to teach on sail or power. My wife and I owned a 38 footer for 6 years. We are members of Mission Bay Yacht Club, where I am serving my second term as Multihull Fleet Captain. My current passion is sailing and racing a high performance Nacra 20 catamaran, which can hit 25 knots while flying above the water on a trapeze. Periodically I skipper in the corporate sailing regattas held on San Diego Bay. Frequently I lead a novice crew to a winning finish.

As your Yacht Broker, I can put lifetime of knowledge and experience to work for you! I want you to have a great boating experience, so I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge. I can make good use of your time by efficiently leading you through the decision-making process. Once we zero-in on the best boat within your budget constraints, we will analyze comps and negotiate the best possible price and terms for you. I will guide you through the entire process with sound advice, continuously resolving issues. I will help you avoid pitfalls before they even arise. Your choice of other vendors can can make a profound difference in your boating experience. My network of professional connections will make things go smoother! You will be referred to the most qualified and reputable marine surveyors, financing companies, mechanics, repair personnel, canvas vendors, dive services, cleaning services, and marine insurance….the list is endless. Rest assured that you will get a very high level of service, and all the details will be handled. If you have any doubts, please read my article entitled: “What Past Clients Have to Say.”

Boating is one of the best pleasures that life has to offer. Don’t miss out on the fun any longer…make that call today and turn your dreams into reality!